Three-Legged Stool: Successful educational foundations

If you’ve ever spent time with an NWPHS advisor, you may have heard them talk about the three-legged stool and how it impacts what we are trying to accomplish as a school. Without dragging too much math into this analogy (take a look here for some explanations), a three legged stool is more sturdy than […]

Podcast: “Hope as a discipline” and other NWPHS details

Recently our director Peter Wieczorek sat down with author and podcaster Steve Barkley to discuss what makes Northwest Passage High School special. Barkley mentions being drawn to NWPHS through our mission statement and wanting to learn more. I’ve collected some of the key moments from the pod below, but head over to Apple Podcasts, or […]

What is the NWPHS Headwaters program?

Headwaters is an advisory experience designed to minimize 9th grade shock. It helps students develop skills they’ll need to participate in the 21st century.

Minnesota Independent Public Schools: A brief tutorial

NWPHS operates with the guidance and oversight of the Minnesota Department of Education and our charter authorizers from Bethel University. We are an agile school that is responsive to our student’s needs and wants in 2021 and beyond.

What does “charter school” mean?

At our core as a charter school, we focus on student growth through project and problem based learning. This means, as advisors and educators, we guide students to find solutions to problems.