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Expeditions – Far More Than a Field Trip

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” ~ Paula Bendfeldt As we quickly approach the 6th annual Explore Your World Silent Auction and Fundraiser I want to highlight one of our students and how expeditions have been central to her development as a student, a leader and… Read More

Avoiding 9th Grade Shock

There is an epidemic running rampant through the suburban and urban high schools of America.  It is called the 9th Grade Shock.  9th Grade Shock, sometimes known as the 9th Grade Bulge, is attributing to: decreases in student grade point averages course failure students being held back higher than normal drop out rates   9th… Read More


The end of the year always brings out a time for reflection and thankfulness, and social media has only made this more public.  I recently came across a posting on Twitter called #MakeMeBetter where you are invited to list a person, organization or other influencer that has made you a better person and/or professional in… Read More