Three-Legged Stool: Successful educational foundations

If you’ve ever spent time with an NWPHS advisor, you may have heard them talk about the three-legged stool and how it impacts what we are trying to accomplish as a school. Without dragging too much math into this analogy (take a look here for some explanations), a three legged stool is more sturdy than […]

Podcast: “Hope as a discipline” and other NWPHS details

Recently our director Peter Wieczorek sat down with author and podcaster Steve Barkley to discuss what makes Northwest Passage High School special. Barkley mentions being drawn to NWPHS through our mission statement and wanting to learn more. I’ve collected some of the key moments from the pod below, but head over to Apple Podcasts, or […]

What does “charter school” mean?

At our core as a charter school, we focus on student growth through project and problem based learning. This means, as advisors and educators, we guide students to find solutions to problems.

Learning Happens on Expeditions

One of the core parts of learning at Northwest Passage High School happens on expeditions. I want to highlight one of our students and how expeditions have been central to her development as a student, a leader and a young adult.  NWPHS was started with the belief that education happens beyond the four walls of […]

Educators Meet to Put Student Learning First

Something pretty amazing happened recently at school. It’s something that many in education circles don’t think is possible. It flies in the face of the narrative that some are trying to tell.   Educators from traditional district schools, public charter schools, private schools and higher education gathered to share ideas, best practices and the common […]

Avoiding 9th Grade Shock

Ninth grade is a very important year for measuring not only student success during high school but also for future success in higher education and the workforce

Thanks to those who Make Me Better

When I saw others I follow sharing their Make Me Better connections I knew I had a lot of people and organizations that helped me be a better educator.