NWPHS Named a Must-Visit Learner-Centered Environment

At Northwest Passage High School (NWPHS), this approach has generated an unwavering commitment to learner-centered education, high employee retention, and a staff that has a diverse range of experience working with youth inside and outside the walls of a school building.

ABC Newspapers | Northwest Passage teacher recognized

  Theresa Boisjolie, a special education teacher at Northwest Passage High School, was recognized as one of three outstanding teachers at this year’s Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs annual conference. She has been with the school since its inception as Coon Rapids Learning Center 15 years ago. She began as a paraprofessional, tallying hours, handing […]

ABC Newspapers | Strategies to deal with bullying at Northwest Passage school

Bullying in schools has been a hot button topic among parents, teachers, administrators and students. Stories of bullying, including both physical and emotional abuse as well as cyber bullying, have made the headlines across the country. During the 2013 legislative session, the Minnesota House passed the Safe Schools for All bill, which had the support […]

ABC Newspapers | Schools from around U.S. visit Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage High School (NWPHS), Coon Rapids, has hosted several visitors from schools around the country in November and December. In November four members of the school planning team from Explore Charter School in Pulaski, Wis., spent the day with NWPHS Director Peter Wieczorek, along with the staff and students. “Our goal was to visit […]