• Headrush Learning App offers live-time reporting on project progress
  • Simple interface for leaving comments and checking task-lists
  • Multiple options for project creation and reflection

Parents often ask us how they can know what and how their student is doing. Sometimes they want to know what their student can do next. The answers are found in the Headrush Learning App.

At Northwest Passage, students use Headrush to visualize their credits, track their progress and manage their work.

Here are three reasons to embrace Headrush.

1. Headrush Learning App is a One-Stop-Shop 

Headrush gives students a digital space to house most of the elements of their learning in one place. Students can see up-to-date credits and learning targets earned. This allows them to focus on growth areas that interest them. Headrush offers a space for students or advisors to create task lists associated with projects. This means students always can know what to do next even when working independently.

Student project calendar to manage deadlines

Headrush also features a great tool for feedback. Stakeholders can communicate with each other based on what they see and what’s to come. No more waiting for the quarterly report card or Parent-Teacher conference to find out how your student is doing. Instead, just log into headrush with them and see their progress, and projects.

2. Headrush Learning App is 21st Century Collaboration

Headrush allows students to collaborate with other learners and their advisors in creating tailored projects, individual, or group studies of specific topics, ideas, or information. Students work with advisors to ask big questions, plan the way they will demonstrate their learning, and create tasks that serve as both evidence of their learning process and a roadmap to their success.

As students encounter challenges, they have the opportunity to add, adjust, or reflect on tasks that were successful and ones that did not achieve their desired outcome. The platform provides a hub for ideas to be shared, developed, and strengthened through the project process.

Headrush learning app displays the task board
Taskboard to guide step-by-step process

 3.Tinkering, Tailoring and Reflecting with Headrush

One of the most amazing traits of Headrush is that it allows for a wide array of learning opportunities. 

“Learning does not start and stop in 16 week chunks, nor is it limited to sitting at a desk”, says Headrush co-founder, Shane Krukowski. In many traditional learning systems it sure feels that way. “Headrush allows talented teachers to embrace more agile learning experiences that cater to learners needs and interests, while at the same time instilling students agency to their own education.”

Sometimes, advisors create modules for their entire advisory. Documents are stored, uploaded and shared with students. Then, they can access at what they need their own pace, or when directed by the advisor.

In another scenario, students can create a module based on an idea that hit them in the middle of the night and send it to the advisor for fine tuning. Similarly, with the resources, guidelines and project plan, students can see the learning in the way that makes sense to them.

In either case, Headrush is best used when students and advisors individualize the aspects of the projects that will maximize its output. The site allows students to take full ownership of their studies as their skills and independence grows, facilitating an individualized, student-driven experience like few other school models can provide.


My biggest piece of advice to those new to Headrush is to play around, explore, and ask questions! Learning occurs in every part of the process of discovery, so don’t be afraid to fail at first to learn something new. 

If you want to know more about learning at Northwest Passage, check out the post on Project Based Learning, otherwise learn more through the interview with our director.