We were proud to be highlighted by Education Reimagined as part of their collection of learner-centered environments (LCE) to visit, enroll or attend. Education Reimagined is an organization that presents a transformational vision of education in the United States.

In their run-down of LCE programs, Education Reimagined asked their readers, “What if we did education differently? What would we create?”

What did they say about NWPHS?

What happens when you build a staff of educators with a focus on mindset over content knowledge?

At Northwest Passage High School (NWPHS), this approach has generated an unwavering commitment to learner-centered education, high employee retention, and a staff that has a diverse range of experience working with youth inside and outside the walls of a school building.

Northwest Passage High School has been on their learner-centered journey for 15 years. And, the leaders are quick to emphasize what you see today didn’t take shape overnight. Rather, it was a steady commitment to knowing education could be done better and taking the incremental steps necessary to make it happen.

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