At Northwest Passage High School we believe learning is not confined to a classroom or textbook. We believe in being curious, asking questions, pursuing passions, and learning from our experiences, whether from the people and community around us or on learning expeditions far from home. Expeditions are an opportunity to be immersed in learning experiences and life lessons that students take with them beyond high school.


Northwest Passage High School plans 24-30 fully-funded learning expeditions each year in both wilderness and urban settings. The trips range from 1 hour away, to 1500 miles on the road, and international flights. All students have the opportunity to apply for expeditions and are encouraged to go on one expedition a year.

Never Stop Exploring

Expeditions Trip Levels Graphic

Level 1

  • Headwaters Eagle Bluff ELC
  • Fiber Arts
  • GameFest
  • Yoga & Wellness Retreat
  • Boulder Lake ELC

Level 2

  • St. Croix River Trips
  • Chicago
  • Model Government & UN
  • Black Hills
  • Jay Cooke Backpacking

Level 3

  • Washington D.C.
  • Louisiana Culture & History
  • Guatemala
  • BWCA 
  • Canyon Lands