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Innovations in technology, automation taking over human jobs, a need to place some importance to the arts and careers that require a high level of technical expertise are just some of the reasons that led to the development of STEAM education.  Through engagement and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, STEAM aims to stoke the fires of interest and love for the arts and sciences. With STEAM, students become better prepared to handle the career demands of a 21stcentury workplace.  The classroom subject of STEAM schools are all disciplines that need creative processes and none utilizes merely just one method of study and discovery.  By teaching students essential in-demand skills and knowledge, they become better prepared to become true innovators in an ever-changing world.

Northwest Passage STEAM art based project

Genesis of STEAM Education

STEAM education is an educational initiative founded by the Rhode Island School of Design that added the Arts to the original STEM program.  The objective was to encourage genuine innovation through the combination of the mind of a scientist with that of a designer and artist. What you get is a more rounded and complete educational framework that enhances the core principles of the original STEM in order to better equip students for the challenges of the future.  By adding the arts to the original STEM framework they were able to create a better foundation for students to be able to develop explanations, engagement in critique, evaluation and modeling to better explain and understand concepts that otherwise remained too clinical.

STEAM also allowed instructors and staff to implement project-based learning approach that encompasses all 5 subjects and encourages a learning milieu where all students can engage and provide their own contribution.  Compared to the traditional model wherein these subjects are treated as distinct and unique disciplines, STEAM takes advantage of the dynamic synergy found in the modeling process, mathematics and science concepts and blurs the lines between modeling methods and scientific thinking. Via this all-inclusive approach, students are able to use the potential of both their left and right brains all at once.

Importance of a STEAM School Education

In order to properly prepare students for future success, they need to be exposed in all of these disciplines in a holistic manner so they become well-rounded individuals and successful critical thinkers that can create a novel or “out of the box” approach to solving problems. Education is under attack from an ever-changing world. Gone are the days when you can rely on simple facts to be true yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In order to become part of the technological revolution one must possess powerful critical thinking skills to solve novel problems that can make or break careers. STEAM education not just teaches students to think critically when solving a problem, they are taught ways to use their creativity in approaching a problem in order to provide an elegant solution.  Students under the STEAM program are not merely learning the concepts of the subject matter at hand but also taught how to discover, process, critique, experiment, create and innovate.  Today’s traditional education is simply not enough and does not teach students how to approach and solve real world problems.  They do not encourage an interdisciplinary or collaborative approach to reach a solution. STEAM education is the answer to avoid this dilemma.

STEAM offers Creative Collaboration

A lot of STEAM projects require teamwork and meaningful dialogue. Students are expected to exchange ideas and explore ways on how to solve a problem. Through  this approach, students become aware of how to distribute responsibilities, bargain, listen and encourage each other in order to solve problems.

Improvement of Critical Thought

STEAM programs teach students how to approach problems in a systematic manner. This is achieved through the application of information they have gathered such as their knowledge of technology and engineering to come up with the best answers. There are cross-discipline projects that encourages the use of different parts of the brain so they are not just seeing a project through one lens but through different ones. They are taught to focus on the details but are also encouraged to step back and see the big picture in order to gain a better perspective.

Inspire Girls to Become Interested in STEM Fields

We all know that girls and women in general are seen rarely going into the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. STEAM can help break the glass ceiling in fields normally dominated by men as the program encourages girls to become interested in these technical subjects at an early age.  If they are exposed early, the better the possibility that their interest will develop into something passionate as they get older.

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