Today’s post comes from Caroline, whose son Bennett completed his 9th grade year in the Headwaters program in 2019-20. School expeditions were canceled this summer, but we were happy to see that Bennett got out to adventure on the Superior Hiking Trail with his family.[spacer height=”20px”]
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Brandi, my son’s advisor was amazing.
She was able to connect with Bennett and understand him in a way that helped him advance in many different aspects of school and life. He now loves reading.
That is a testament to the advisors in Headwaters that took the time to help him find the topics and stories that were interesting to him.
I now have to tell him to stop reading…before NWPHS, he wouldn’t pick up a book unless he absolutely had to. NWPHS has instilled a love of reading that has always been a struggle with my son since he was little.[spacer height=”20px”]
The Headwaters program progressively built Bennett’s confidence that he could be successful with project based learning. The program specifically broke down projects and taught the entire project based learning process in bite size chunks. Thanks to Headwaters, we didn’t see any ninth grade shock.
Bennett is now confident to fully complete an entire project over the summer on his own, and he’s excited to do it.[spacer height=”20px”]
The Headwaters Program has guided students into the world of project based learning. My son didn’t understand what project based learning was and when he first started the school year.
He was anxious that he may not be able to do it. However, after a year of structured guidance in the Headwaters Program and experience completing several smaller projects, he now feels he’s mastered the skills needed to be successful.”