NWPHS was more than a school for me, it was a safe haven.

I started my junior year, and was new to the area, so my anxiety was at an all time high. Walking into the school I expected the worst, but was greeted with a cheerful teacher, with sassy glasses and tattoos.

My fear slowly went away. The small class made me feel comfortable, and the teachers made sure to make students feel safe and welcomed.

I never expected this school to give me so many life skills that I use in my every day adult life. I went on expeditions with the teachers, and grew to love them like family.

My favorite expedition was to Guatemala. This experience changed my life, and my view on the world.

I still brag about all the fun things, and expeditions I took nine years later! NWPHS was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

I’m so proud to say I graduated from this High School!

Leah, Brandi, Cate, Val you guys are awesome. As advisors, you left a mark on my heart.

I appreciate all the love and motivation I received from you.

Continue to share the love. We need more educators like you guys.